Dental Bridges

Don’t Leave Your Smile with a Missing Piece

Dental BridgeModern dentistry means that you don’t have to live your life with an incomplete set of teeth. Patients in the Everett area who have suffered tooth loss have a range of restoration options at Pinnacle Dental Group. Among these are dental bridges. Dr. Ryu provides excellent bridgework made of the best quality resilient materials.

A bridge is a fixed dental restoration intended to replace one or more absent teeth. The bridge is anchored to your remaining adjacent teeth and cannot be removed except by your dentist. The fixed nature of a dental bridge provides convenience as you do not need to worry about losing your bridge or taking it out for cleaning or sleep.

Although bridges are just one of our teeth replacement choices at Pinnacle, it may be right for you. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryu to learn more about our bridges and other possibilities to restore your smile. Simply call (425) 355-0600 today.