Dental Implants

The Modern Choice for Tooth Replacement

Dental ImplantsOne tooth replacement option available to Everett area residents is dental implants. Dental implants are replacement teeth that can easily last for several decades. They appear identical to natural teeth and are fixed to your jaw bone. This arrangement makes dental implants incredibly stable, and they are not subject to slippage like dentures.

Dental implants are a possibility for most patients. However, you will need to have good underlying bone to act as an anchoring point. If you lack this bone structure, Pinnacle Dental Group has several other appropriate tooth replacement methods available.

The procedure only takes two to three visits. Although installing dental implants does require oral surgery, Dr. Ryu ensures your complete comfort with effective anesthetic. After your implants are first placed, you’ll need to wait a few months to give the implants time to integrate with the bone. Once that process is complete, Dr. Ryu will place permanent crowns on your new implants, and you’ll be able to enjoy durable teeth that look outstanding.

Dental implants are available for single teeth, multiple teeth, or even a complete arch. Dr. Ryu has placed many implants and has the experience necessary to ensure excellence. Please call us at (425) 355-0600 for an appointment or more information.