Professional Dental Exam and Cleaning

You’re probably aware that you should have a professional dental examination and cleaning at least once every six months, but do you know why? It’s simple preventative maintenance. Even the most dedicated brushing and flossing cannot remove 100% of the plaque and tartar that build up on your teeth. However, professional care from the experienced staff at Pinnacle Dental Group can address this buildup and prevent decay before it starts.

Furthermore, a thorough dental exam by Dr. Ryu will help detect any nascent problems and may save you time, money, and discomfort by halting an issue before it becomes serious. A dental examination often includes x-rays so that Dr. Ryu can check for decay or structural problems. Don’t worry though. These x-rays use low amounts of radiation.

Neglecting your dental health is never a good plan. Receiving regular dental cleanings and exams is an excellent method of preventing problems and maintaining your health. Schedule with us today at (425) 355-0600.