Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals Without the Pain

Root CanalsNobody wants to have a root canal, but sometimes a root canal is exactly the right procedure to fight infection and save your tooth. A root canal is necessary when you have an infected tooth. Living tissue resides in the insides of your teeth, and this tissue can suffer infection from trauma or decay.

Left unchecked, this infection can become severe enough that pulling the tooth is the only option. The infection may also spread to bony tissue and presents a significant risk to your health, particularly if you have heart valve trouble or a weakened immune system. A root canal removes the pulp, or soft tissue, inside your infected tooth. Dr. Ryu will then thoroughly clean the canal and apply a cap, allowing you to keep your natural tooth.

Contrary to popular belief, contemporary dentistry provides for painless root canals. Dr. Ryu and his team will use appropriate anesthetic so that you barely feel a thing. A root canal is certainly much less painful than living with an infected tooth!

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